The Honey Guy A Family Story

The Honey Guy

A Family Story

Our story began when my grandfather, Ralph Johnson grew up learning to keep bees with his father in the 1920’s. Time, circumstance, and WWII ended my grandfather’s beekeeping hobby, but he never forgot the fun and entertainment it afforded him. In 1989 at the age of 70 my grandfather began to incorporate beekeeping into the family again. He started with just a few hives but by 1993 my uncle Jim Johnson joined in and our bee farm grew to over 100 hives. The two were instantly overwhelmed by the size of the operation and that’s when my dad, Don Johnson joined in as well.

Together they worked their hives even through the 90’s when wild bee populations were being wiped out by the “Varroa” mite. Only the domesticated honeybee survived with much effort on the part of Professional and Hobbyist beekeepers. Our bees did survive and went on to produce lots of honey sold at that time under the name “Johnson’s Honey”.

My dad, Don Johnson, had heard that back in the frontier days beekeepers used beeswax for a myriad of purposes including making a beeswax skin cream. He became instantly interested in the process and began working in the basement with age-old methods of making this cream. The basic steps were simple but there are an infinite number of variations. He wanted a cream that was enjoyable to feel (silky-smooth}, and of course completely natural. He settled on a light weight version of beeswax cream with enough beeswax to produce the desired effects on the skin but not too heavy to absorb readily.

This light weight version is silky smooth, absorbs quickly, seals the skin from water and any other exterior antagonist. It helps moisturize the skin and promotes healing of rough, dry skin – perfect for the hands, heels, face and even diaper rash. It lasts much longer when exposed to water than regular skin creams due to it not being water soluble- so one application is usually enough for all day! It protects the skin and lips from chapping and cracking in cold and wet winter as well as arid conditions. As a bonus, it has the ability to relieve the discomfort of most irritated skin conditions- mosquito bites, fire ant bites, eczema, psoriasis, hives, poison ivy, oak and sumac, even bee stings!

In 2000 dad began selling his cream at a farmer’s market in a small town in East Texas where he met marketer and market owner Ardy Stewart. Ms. Ardy who would become Ardy Johnson and co-founder of HoneyGuyProducts®, saw the quality and the potential of Waterblockertm Skin Cream. Ardy marketed and dad sold Waterblockertm Skin Cream at markets and conventions across the country. Ardy realized that this wonderful product should be available to everyone and that led to the birth of this website. Customers will ask where they can find our Waterblockertm Skin Cream and now we have expanded our line of all-natural HoneyGuy® products to include:
· Waterblockerr Skin Cream

· East Texas Honey

· Bite Freetm Skin Cream

· Bite Freetm Repellent Spray

· Beeswax Bandage Cream

· Scented and Unscented Lip Balms

· Old-Time beeswax furniture polish

· Travel Kit, includes all 3 creams and lip balm

· Bars of Pure Beeswax

Although our customers have called it a “miracle cream”, we do not make any medical claims concerning beeswax skin cream; however, science is proving that beeswax and most other products of the hive DO have many healthful qualities. Being completely natural, our Waterblockertm Skin Cream has none of the preservative chemicals that cause reactions for so many people. We hope you continue to enjoy and benefit from our line of wonderful all-natural products.

Our story today has been written by Crystal Johnson McLean in loving memory of our founders and co-founders past, Ralph Johnson, Jim Johnson and Ardy Johnson.


Near the end of 2022 after 20 years in business, it became clear that Our Story was coming to an end. The global pandemic Covid 19, the recession and severe shortages in supplies have combined to cut our productivity and profit to a point that we must close our doors over the next few months.

We have enjoyed bringing our natural products to market and we feel honored to have carried on for our loved founders and family. We believe we have served our beloved customers well and we will miss them.

The Honey Guy family.