What is Waterblocker Skin Cream?

It is an old-time, hand made, multi-purpose, natural skin cream.

What is in Waterblocker Skin Cream?

Waterblocker™ Skin Cream is natural and free of harmful chemicals. The key ingredient is pure, natural beeswax. Also food grade mineral oil, distilled water and a natural mineral, Borax. There are no chemical preservatives or stabilizers and no fragrance added.

BEESWAX: Beeswax is produced by a gland in the honeybee. Beeswax has many useful properties - 1) It is WATERPROOF and can be used to effectively shield just about anything (including skin) from the damaging effects of exposure to water and any chemicals which may be dissolved in water (soap). This useful trait extends to most cleansers such as alcohol based waterless cleansers, household cleaners, grease, paint, etc. 2) Natural ANTIBIOTICS are included in beeswax. Honeybees keep their hive sterile and free of disease by producing natural antibiotics and including them in every other product they make. Honey, beeswax, propolis (said to be the most highly antibiotic substance occurring naturally in nature) and royal jelly are all very effective antibiotics. The presence of these natural antibiotics in beeswax enable our creams to heal damaged skin quickly. 3) ANTIHISTAMINE: a substance used to counteract histamines which are produced by most creatures when exposed to allergens and poisons. Histamines cause itching in the skin and runny nose in the sinuses and itchy eyes. Bees produce antihistamines and include them in honey and beeswax. Our beeswax creams relieve itchy skin instantly, stop the pain of burns (sun, curling iron, etc), scrapes and cuts, poison ivy and oak and even the extreme pain of shingles. 4) MOISTURE RETENTION - Beeswax keeps the moisture in things as well as keeping external moisture out. Beeswax furniture polish has been used for centuries to keep the moisture in wood cells, preventing them from cracking. There would be no "antiques" without beeswax. The same benefit occurs in skin. Our beeswax creams keep the natural moisture and oil in your skin even when exposed to dozens of washes and hours of exposure to paper, cardboard or dirt.

MINERAL OIL: Food grade mineral oil has been used for at least a century as a simple laxative. We use it in our creams as an emollient to thin the beeswax which is much too hard to use as a cream by itself. The principle advantage of mineral oil is that it does not need a preservative like other more "natural" oils. Most oils go rancid in a very short time without the presence of chemical preservatives (which are usually man made and very bad for us). Mineral oil is refined from crude oil - which most of us have an evil image of thanks to the green movement. However, lets not forget our study of minerals in Middle School - crude oil is simply decomposed plant matter. It is about as natural as anything else one would call natural. There are reports that mineral oil prevents the absorption of vitamin e. While that may be true, you have to quantify the facts - how MUCH mineral oil does it take to prevent the loss of major quantities of vitamin e? We all remember the ads where Mom slathers her baby in baby oil (mineral oil). I expect that the studies used huge exposure rates like that to make their determinations. On the other hand, a pencil eraser size of our beeswax cream will cover both hands - and last all day. What is worse - the tiny amount of mineral oil the hands are exposed to - or the dozens of sanitary washes they experience each day? It is good to be cautious about the things we put in our bodies, but we need to be practical as well.

BORAX: This is a natural mineral mined in the Southwestern deserts. It is used primarily as a natural binder to combine water with other molecules (hence its long time use in detergents). It is used in our beeswax creams to make water and wax combine to create a cream. Borax has some medicinal uses as an antiseptic and has been used for many years as an (extremely gentle) eye wash. This adds to the antiseptic/antibiotic nature of our beeswax creams. Man made binders are used in most cosmetics. These binders are not natural and are responsible (along with added scents) for most reactions people have to creams and lotions. Borax is much more gentle but is shunned by the industry because it does not work as well to keep the ingredients used in most cosmetics from separating. They want something that will keep the ingredients together while their products sit in un-airconditioned warehouses (sometimes for years) waiting to be sold and distributed. Borax works very well in the case of beeswax creams and is the best natural binder for its ingredients. Some doctors say borax can cause a strong burning reaction in an open wound. Our experience is that our creams sooth the pain of most wounds. After sampling and selling to many thousands of people we have had fewer than 20 people complain of any type of reaction. Again, one needs the quantitative facts - how much borax does it take to cause a reaction and what percentage of the population will experience this reaction? There is only a tiny amount of borax in a four oz jar of our beeswax skin cream. This tiny amount is all that is needed to bind the ingredients and is much too small to cause any reaction in most of the population. Again, the benefits of borax far outweigh the draw-backs.

DISTILLED WATER: This is what makes our beeswax cream a "cream". Creams and lotions must have water, else they are pastes and balms (we make the best beeswax lip balm). The water enables the cream to absorb quickly and completely into the skin where the beeswax can then do its thing.

To make my point clear - Any 4th grader can read the ingredient list on any Honey Guy Product and understand what is in it. Pick out any cream on a store shelf and I doubt a high school graduate could explain what the ingredients are.

What is Waterblocker Skin Cream for?

It has many purposes, which are detailed below under Uses for Waterblocker™. If you read them all quickly, you will conclude that this is snake oil. Nothing can do THAT much stuff! But remember that the honeybee is a miraculous insect and all the products of the hive are miracles in themselves. Combine them into a cream and you SHOULD expect great things!

The three main categories are 1) Skin conditioner and moisturizer, 2) Skin protector, and 3) Anti-itch, burn and sting cream

What are it's physical characteristics?

Creamy smooth, highly absorbent, long lasting (one application lasts most users about 8 hours - a work day!), water proof, non-greasy. The molecular binding agent, Borax, which holds the water, beeswax and oil together is completely natural and very mild (will not bind or remove one's natural oils). The food grade mineral oil and water carries the beeswax into the skin completely with no residue left on the surface after a few minutes. It will not transfer to fabric or other objects you may handle and the beeswax will not wash away in soap and water or waterless cleansers either! It continues to do its job all day even if exposed to agents that would remove other creams. If you do need to remove it, only citrus based cleansers will cut beeswax.

Who is it for?

Waterblocker™ is literally for everybody. Men, women, youngsters, babies, and yes, even Fido. Anyone who has a problem with dry skin, is exposed to skin irritants (water, dirt, grease, chemicals, paper), or has itching skin - regardless of the cause and those with skin conditions such as eczema and psoriasis. People who are sensitive and cannot wear other creams can usually wear Waterblocker™.

Some of our users are: Babies, Nurses, Artisans, Doctors, Dentists, Teachers, Bank Tellers, Beauticians, Orthodontists, Postal Workers, Day Care Workers, Welders, Plumbers, Painters, Cowboys, Pressmen, Electricians, Carpenters, Mechanics, Gardeners, Bricklayers, Blacksmiths, Landscapers, Cabinet Makers, Leather Craftsmen, Computer Users, Snow and water Skiers, Swimmers, Chefs, Police, Farmers, Firemen, UPS Drivers, Secretaries, Veterinarians, Homemakers, Dog Groomers, Restaurant Workers, and the list goes on…

Why do other manufacturers use chemicals and what happens to Waterblocker without them?

Chemicals are included in most creams to make them look as good as the day they were made - even if they set on a warehouse shelf for a year OR MORE and undergo extreme temperatures. In other words the chemicals are there to save the manufacturer money. Chemicals seldom have anything to do with helping your skin and are often detrimental, especially to those with sensitive skin. Waterblocker™ Skin Cream has no such chemicals. It is made by hand as was done by the Early American settlers and others (dating back to ancient Egypt) using natural ingredients - beeswax being the chief active ingredient. Mineral oil is also an active ingredient (moisturizer) and with water serves as a carrier to take the beeswax into the skin. Our ancestors did not have mineral oil, so they used animal fat. We want to do things the old way as much as possible, but we figured most folks would prefer mineral oil over animal fat. Waterblocker™ needs no preservative, as it does not deteriorate. Without chemical stabilizers or strong binders, the water can separate out just a little, especially when exposed to high temperatures or when a jar is left on its side. But this condition is easily remedied simply by stirring the water back in. We consider this to be a small inconvenience to avoid being exposed to the harsh chemicals used to prevent separation! In fact, if one forgets to close the container and Waterblocker™ dries out, a little water and a few seconds in the microwave with restore it to it's original wonderful, silky smooth condition.

Aren't mineral oil and Borax harmful chemicals?

Anything can be harmful - especially in large quantities. We use only a tiny amount of mineral oil and Borax. We use food grade mineral oil which is not harmful when ingested. Also, because Waterblocker™ Beeswax based skin cream is waterproof, it does not need to be replaced even when washing many times each day. Therefore, the amount of cream used in a day by most people is about the size of an eraser on the end of a pencil. How much mineral oil can that be?? The reason we us food grade mineral oil is that it does not require a preservative. Almost all natural oils will go rancid in a few days or weeks without the presence of a (chemical) preservative. What is the use of incorporating a natural oil when you must then use a dangerous preservative with it? Food Grade Mineral oil present the best over-all solution for an effective, safe skin cream. The natural mineral Borax is the binder that holds oil, beeswax and water together. Without Borax, the mixture is a gooey mess. Most skin creams use man-made binders that are MUCH more harmful than the natural mineral Borax. Honey Guy uses Borax and food grade mineral oil because they are the BEST choices we can use to present a safe, effective and economical solution to dry skin problems and itch, burn and sting. NO one else makes a product as pure as Waterblocker™ Skin Cream and that works for SO MANY different skin problems.

What are some Uses for Waterblocker?

WE MAKE NO CLAIMS THAT OUR PRODUCT IS FOR ANY PARTICULAR MEDICINAL USE. (Required disclaimer) Waterblocker™ moisturizes and softens rough, dry skin including hands, cuticles, feet, elbows, even the face - put make up over it. Waterblocker™ protects skin from irritants such as water, grease, paint, chemicals, dust, and dirt. It seals skin and prevents natural oil and moisture in the skin from being leached out by frequent washing, contact with paper, fabric, cardboard, water, wind, etc. And, in most cases, it Stops Itch In It's Tracks - regardless of the cause - mosquitoes, poison ivy, oak and sumac. In fact, if you know you will be exposed to these plants, put Waterblocker™ on ahead of time - it will prevent the oils form the plant leaves from entering your skin. Stops the sting and burn of bee stings, scorpion stings, fire ants, wasps, etc. Sooths sunburn, even minor skin burns from the stove, and chemical burns. Waterblocker™ enables minor burns and wounds to heal quickly without scabbing or scarring by keeping the skin soft and moist. A wound is never dry enough to make a scab which causes the scarring. It is even an excellent deodorant! Applied to the under arms in the morning, it lasts all day and you will never experience skin rash as with other deodorants! Great for foot odor and other, more personal odors. Remember - beeswax has antibitoics which prevent the growth of bacteria (and yeast). These are the causes of odor and itch under arms on feet and elsewhere. People suffering from ecxema and psoriasis find that Waterblocker™ relieves the itch, removes the red or white scally skin, lengthens the time between break-outs and makes the condition much more tolerable. Animal owners and Veterinarians have used Waterblocker™ to relieve the dryness and itch in animals as well. Skin rashes in dogs caused by allergic reactions to grasses are quickly relieved and the animal can't lick it off - it is waterproof. Vets use it on sutures to stop itch and thus deter the animal from knawing at the sutures. Mothers use it on Baby's bottom for diaper rash. The beeswax protects the rash from urine so it can heal and it also can prevent rashes from recurring by shielding the skin from urine. Moms also report using Waterblocker™ on baby's chin to stop chafing from drooling when they are teething. There is nothing in it harmful to child or animal even if a little happens to get into the mouth. Also folks who have thin, fradgile skin use both Waterblocker™ and Beeswax Bandage to protect and heal their sensitive skin. Those who bruise easily use Waterblocker™ and/or Beeswax Bandage to remove the dark discoloration of bruises. People who must undergoe regular injections can use either cream to prevent brusing around the injection site. Those confined to a bed find Waterblocker is excellent for treating and preventing bed sores. There are litterally thousands of uses for this versitile cream

Using Waterblocker Around the Eyes

Waterblocker™ contains no man made antibacterial chemicals which are approved to prevent eye infections. We recommend that, if you put your fingers in your jar, do not apply it directly around the eyes. Bacteria from your fingers can potentially cause eye infections. If you want to use Waterblocker™ around the eyes, be sure to keep some in a separate, sterile container and use a sterile applicator to apply to the eye area.

How is Waterblocker packaged?

We package Waterblocker™ in 4 ounce, 8 ounce and 16 ounce white plastic cosmetic jars. We also have a 1/2 ounce snap open pocket / purse size. Additionally, because so many health care professionals use Waterblocker™, we package it in sanitary 4 ounce TUBES. Tubes are less susceptible to contamination and therefore, better for a medical office environment. Tubes can exhibit more water separation than jars due to air pockets which develop within the tube and allow water to be pulled by gravity into the pocket..

How much does Waterblocker cost?

Even though Waterblocker™ is high quality, hand-made and hand-packed, is completely natural, and is useful for so many things - it is quite inexpensive! And we guarantee our product unconditionally. If the unused portion of the jar is returned for any reason, we will refund the retail price of the jar AND the cost of postage - even if you bought it from one of our many Retailers.


We encourage purchasing from your local Retailer. Visit our web site WWW.THEHONEYGUY.COMand click on "Retail Outlts". We list all the Retailers on our website so you can see who is close to you. If there are no outlets near you , then you may purchase directly from the website Or mail your order to Honey Guy Products, Inc., 11127 CR 3116, Winona, Tx 75792.

What if I am unhappy with a product? Do I have any recourse?

All Honey Guy ® products are covered by our UNCONDITIONAL GUARANTEE . If you are unhappy with any product for any reason, we will replace it or refund your money including shipping upon timely return of the product.


Q: My jar seems shorted - it is not filled to the top.
A: Beeswax creams are molten when poured into the jars. We measure the content in fluid ounces because it is a liquid. However, it is a thick liquid and when poured makes a mound in the jar. We stop pouring when the mounds is above the top of the jar. When the liquid cools, it shrinks considerably making the jar appear to be not quit full. It does, however, contain the designated amount of fluid product.

Q: My cream is discolored.
A: Beeswax gets its color from the pollen content. Pollen comes in lots of colors but usually is green or yellow or brown. When the cream is poured the pollens are distributed evenly but, as the cream cools, the pollens can collect in one area - usually the surface where the color becomes pronounced as greenish, yellowish or brownish. We could filter out the pollen but the process would also filter out the propolis which is the highly antibiotic ingredient in the beeswax. Better to have a little discoloration than to remove the most useful ingredient in the beeswax.

Q: Why does my cream smell different from the last jar I bought?
A: Beeswax is produced by honeybees from sources of nectar and pollen and other substances that vary from apiary to apiary. Most of the time the resulting scent is pleasant or barely noticeable. But sometimes it can be more pronounced and maybe not so pleasant. We try to separate beeswax that is not so pleasant for use in other products where scent does not matter. However, it is impossible to make the finished creams all smell the same except by adding fragrance. We prefer not to add fragrance as many fragrances are irritants to many people.

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