Enjoy the Outdoors Again with

Honey Guy® Bite Free® Skin Cream or spray

Safe for Pets and People of all ages

Honey Guy BITE FREE® skin cream has the same Safe, Pure and Natural ingredients as our Waterblocker Skin Cream with added natural, cosmetic grade Citronella which repels* mosquitoes! No chemical stabilizers or preservatives. NO DEET, no harsh or dangerous chemicals. For more information on Waterblocker Skin Cream see WATERBLOCKER FAQS .

Greaseless, Odorless (after 15 minutes) - One easy application to exposed skin – Waterproof


Great for anyone who loves the outdoors!...(And swears they hear a dinner bell ringing every time they step outside)

Bite Free® Spray

Handmade! Naturally! BITE FREE® Spray works in conjunction with BITE FREE® cream as added protection! Use the cream on exposed skin, use the spray on clothing, hats, shoes and socks, strollers, doors, outdoor furniture (table edges and chair arms & backs for outdoor dining without pesky mosquitoes!) and surrounding surfaces to keep mosquitoes away. Of course, the Bite Free spray is safe for direct use on the skin. It just isn't waterproof like Bite Free skin cream, so it could wash off in the pool or sweat off.

Honey Guy® BITE FREE® Spray is made of food grade alcohol combined with the same safe cosmetic grade citronella oil used in BITE FREE® Cream. BITE FREE® Spray comes in a 4oz brushed aluminum pump spray bottle. Refill it for less with our 16oz BITE FREE® Spray Refill.

If you are dealing with fleas, ticks and/or chiggers in addition to flying insects, try Honey Guy® Flea, Tick and Chigger Repellant. These pests require more persuasion than mosquitoes. Flea, Tick and Chigger Repellant is formulated for these bad bugs and has a little mineral oil to help the product adhere to skin and fur for longer periods. Use on pets or people. It is safe for all ages and sizes. Lasts about 3 days on a dog or cat. FLEA, TICK AND CHIGGER Spray comes in a tough 4oz brushed aluminum spray bottle for outdoor use. Re-fill the bottle for a lot less with our 16oz Flea, Tick and Chigger Spray Refill.

*A word about repellants:

The term “Repellant” is a misnomer. Most repellants don't actually "repel" insects. Rather, they MASK the scent or pheromones insects are looking for so they can't find their target. Most repellants - even the most highly effective one, DEET, does not do the job perfectly for everybody. People give off many different pheromones, most of which human noses cannot detect - but insects and animals can! Many repellants use chemicals to mask those pheromones - chemicals which may be worse for one's health than the biting insects. Honey Guy® Bite Free® Skin Cream and Bite Free® Spray use safe ingredients even for babies and small animals. It has been our experience that Honey Guy® repellants work well for MOST people MOST of the time. Yet we occasionally hear of an individual for whom our repellants did not work or did not work consistently. This is usually because the insects are sensing a pheromone that our product cannot mask well. Everyone is different and a few individuals may find Honey Guy® repellants to be less than satisfactory. The Honey Guy® is dedicated to making his Customers happy. The Honey Guy® guarantees that anyone who is dissatisfied with a Honey Guy product for any reason will, at least, not have wasted his or her money for trying the product. Return the product to Honey Guy® with a copy of the receipt and receive a full refund.

One more thing – for every substance known to man there are going to be a few people who are allergic to it! A few folks are allergic to Citronella and a few others cannot tolerate the scent. So, before you use Honey Guy® repellents, especially on babies, try a little on a very small area of skin. If any redness or swelling occurs within a few minutes, don't use the product. If, when they catch the scent, they look at you like you are the Wicked Witch of the West, they would probably rather you didn't use it on them.

...but What about CHIGGERS???

Chiggers (Red Bugs) are the meanest, toughest, most irritating little varmints you will ever come across...but Honey Guy® repellents are up to the challenge! We recommend...from experience...that you put Bite Free® Cream liberally from the top of your foot up to your knee, including the crease behind the knee where those nasty jokers like to dig in...then spray your shoes (boots are really recommended) and pants legs liberally with Honey Guy® Flea, Tick and Chigger Repellant. Doesn't hurt to spray around the belt line too.

If you have already been bitten, use Honey Guy® Waterblocker Skin Cream or Beeswax Bandage liberally over the bite. This will stop the itch and smother the little devil to death.