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In Memory of Janet Fyke, a courageous and caring woman

Janet Fyke had Scleroderma and through extensive research and personal experience, accumulated a wealth of knowledge about the disease as well as sources of help available for those diagnosed with Scleroderma. She worked tirelessly to bring awareness of the disease to the general public and to help find a cure and other ways to help individuals suffering from this terrible disease. She used Waterblocker personally and she was also an enthusiastic distributor of Waterblocker Skin Cream. She had this to say about Waterblocker:

I have had scleroderma for 15 years and have been using this cream for several years. This all-natural cream has softened my skin and I no longer have splits on my fingers or rough heels. One application lasts through several hand washings as it is waterproof and it forms a beeswax barrier that seals in our skin's natural moisture. I use it all over my body including my face.

Janet was a distributor of Honey Guy products because of the relief they provided her and others with Scleroderma. Janet's daughters Dawn and Tonya, are carrying on in her footsteps. They have learned first hand with their Mom what this disease can do and many ways to help others combat the debilitating effects. Anyone who would like to gain further knowledge about the disease and/or purchase Waterblocker Skin Cream from Dawn or Tonya may contact them as follows:

Dawn (Hendersonville, Tn):

Tonya (McKinney, Tx):

Waterblocker Skin Cream is emerging as a highly effective, natural product for relief of some symptoms of Scleroderma, including itching and dry skin, thus preventing splits and ulcers. We do not claim that it treats the disease in any way but it greatly improves the look and feel of skin that is dry, cracked or prone to such conditions.