Many Honey Guy products are available for wholesale purchase for the purpose of retailing them in another venue. If you have a store, a website, a booth at a festival event, etc, you may purchase many Honey Guy products for re-sale at your outlet. To qualify for wholesale purchase, you must have a venue where you are a re-seller. That can be a brick and mortar store, a website, a booth at an event such as a festival, convention or a fair, or an event put on for an organization as a fundraiser.

The minimum order for purchasing at wholesale prices is $100 in wholesale merchandise. You are not required to order by the case. You may mix items as you wish to achieve the $100 total. To request our wholesale order form just e-mail Fill out the order form and e-mail it back to us along with some form of proof that you are a re-seller. Proof can be a state or federal tax id number or a photo of you working in your venue or some form of published material that will verify your business. You may also fax your order to our toll free number 800-863-1438. We reserve the right to decline the order if we believe the items are being purchased for personal use.

We have now enabled our website to allow for wholesale ordering for your convenience. Just e-mail your company information to us on the order form (an actual order is not required, nor is a credit card number) . We will then set up your account on the website. We will notify you when it is ready to use and you may then place your order online. Note that wholesale prices will not be visible on the website until your account is set up. Note that not all our products are available for wholesale and items that do not have a wholesale price visible on the website cannot be purchased at wholesale price. One big advantage of using the website to place your wholesale order is free shipping on the minimum order of $100. If you fax, email or call in your orders, then our free shipping policy applies at $200. Note that “free shipping” applies only to destinations in the lower 48 states. Another advantage to website ordering is the option to pay with PayPal.

Texas Sales Tax: If you are located in Texas, you must submit a Texas Resale Certificate in order to avoid paying sales tax on your wholesale purchase. We will send you the Texas Resale Certificate form along with the wholesale order form. If you are a tax exempt organization, please let us know and we will send you the appropriate Texas tax exempt form. Applicants who are not located in Texas and do not physically come into Texas to sell your products do not have to submit any tax forms and will not be charged sales tax.

If you have any questions, please e-mail us at or call us direct at 903-570-6868.