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Unless your order is physically very heavy, we will ship via USPS because their Priority Mail service offers the least expensive shipping cost together with free package pickup service to our remote East Texas location. Heavier packages will ship via UPS Ground delivery.

PLEASE BE AWARE that carriers count days differently than normal folks. A package designated as "2 day" shipping by USPS will arrive on the third day AFTER the date you place your order. "3 day" shipping will arrive on the 4th day. Example: if you place your order on a Monday, expect a “2 day” delivery to arrive on Thursday. That’s 2 days…if you’re a carrier. Also, while the delivery date is usually accurate, it is NOT guaranteed, and delays can occur especially during holidays and national or local disturbances. If you are in a rush, UPS offers overnight delivery but at considerably greater expense and it is still not guaranteed. Call for exact cost.


We can ship to these locations but the cost of shipping can be high and must be determined based on the physical size and weight of each package and any duties countries may impose. Call for exact cost.