Beeswax Bandage FAQS

Stop bleeding quickly without any sting!


A must for those who bleed easily, are on blood thinners like Coumadin or have fragile skin. Stop bleeding quickly without any sting! Reduces bruising too! It is a heavy beeswax cream which will literally plug the hole. It is so heavy the blood can't push through. Just wipe the wound to dry it and quickly apply a heavy band of Beeswax Bandage over the area. After 2 or 3 minutes you will have coagulated under the cream. Just wipe it off and unless you need stitches, you are done! It does not sting and usually soothes any discomfort that is present. If you leave a little on the wound it will heal much more rapidly. If you bruise easily rub Beeswax Bandage into the bruise. It will disappear much more rapidly than it would normally. Keep a pocket size in your purse or pocket so you are ready for that next unexpected bump and bleed! Great for shaving mishaps too!

Great for outdoors & work - its like having a box of bandages in your pocket!

And It's Waterproof!

"My jar of Beeswax Bandage has blisters and froth on top!" Beeswax Bandage is a very heavy beeswax cream. It will often have a frothy or blistery looking film on top due to air that has been introduced while the product was being mixed. When the product cools after mixing the air bubbles are trapped on the surface. The product is not defective and the bubbles will not affect how it works.