TheFacts-b (2940 bytes)Honey GuyBEESWAX FURNITURE POLISH is reminiscent of the excellent beeswax polishes used in Old England centuries ago to protect fine wooden that still exists today and is as beautiful as the day it was made! Our beeswax furniture polish and leather conditioner protects wood and leather from moisture and keeps the cells soft, preventing splits and cracks. A little buffing produces a marvelous shine. Apply with a clean cloth, allow time to penetrate, then buff to a shine. If paste is not penetrating as it should, use a hair dryer on low heat to liquefy the paste. It will then absorb readily.

INGREDIENTS: natural beeswax, mineral spirits and turpentine (necessary to allow penetration of wood cells). Also use to waterproof, protect, soften and restore suppleness to leather goods. (Shoes, ball gloves, chairs and sofas, saddles, etc.)

TheFacts-b (2940 bytes)Honey Guy food grade BEESWAX POLISH & SEALER is for concrete counter tops, metal surfaces and wood food surfaces. No toxic chemicals or additives. Just pure beeswax and food grade mineral oil. Seals and water proofs concrete pores and polishes to a shine. Prevents tarnishing of metal surfaces. Apply a thin layer of paste with a clean cloth, allow time to penetrate concrete pores (melting paste will help greatly), then buff to a shine. We suggest using a hair dryer or heat gun to soften paste to aid in penetration of concrete pores when applying. Wax melts at 140 degrees, so you can safely use low heat. An electric buffer takes the work out of shining but use cloth rather than wool buffer pad. Wool will come off the buffer and stick in the wax.

INGREDIENTS: natural beeswax and food grade mineral oil

Coverage: 8 ounces of either product will cover approximately 50 square feet. Coverage is affected by temperature and porousness of the surface.