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Our beeswax lip balm has more beeswax in it than any other brand on the market. We take solid, pure beeswax and thin it with just enough food-grade mineral oil to make it spreadable.

That’s it! There are no other ingredients (except the natural essential oil scent in the scented version*.) This means you get the full water-proofing effect of pure beeswax - not a diluted version like other brands who add lanolin or coconut oil, or - yes, even alcohol (a drying agent that makes you want more after just a few minutes).

Honey Guy lip balm lasts for hours because beeswax is waterproof. It is a NATURAL shield for sore, dry, cracked or bleeding lips. Beeswax also has natural antibiotics produced by the bees to protect their brood while growing in the wax cells. This natural source of antibiotics may help speed healing of cracked and bleeding lips. There is nothing better to put on your lips than pure, natural beeswax - and you get a lot MORE of it in Honey Guy Lip Balms!

*The Queen bee in a honeybee hive communicates with her subjects using pheromones. Different pheromones tell the bees to do different jobs. The natural "honey" scent in the Honey Scented Lip Balm is like the pheromone the Queen bee uses to tell workers to be "nurses" to her "brood" - the baby bees that have not yet hatched. This scent is very pleasant and is also like the smell of honey, hence the name we have given it - Honey scented Lip Balm.

Don't worry, the scent won't attract a bunch of nurse bees to your lips...but it just might attract that special "one" you have been saving those lips for!